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The importance of students to consider the improvement of learning art, entertainment, and poetry

The importance of students to consider the improvement of learning art, entertainment, and poetry

Teachers should always know what the benefit of students, effective learning to motivate. Curriculum relevant to the interests that helps students plan, learn to motivate you. Many students interested in art, entertainment, games and technology. The involvement of parents/careers are strategies that teachers in helping students learn to use it effectively. Parents/guardians need to know where to find resources. Teachers can parents/careers with advice that they use resources.

After you do this, you need to find where the parent/guardian (s) these resources to raise their children the opportunity to learn. Another strategy, helps students learn how to strategically lead audits for successful results for the purpose of air pollution. Teachers can pass the benefit as a tool to teach their students if you strategically effective criteria are relevant when testing.

Many students need trust to be better players in their studies. Help to find out what interests them, they work within their comfort zones. Help students to improve their interest their subjects Mite help them combine their test scores. The importance of art "," entertainment "or" poetry ", etc. in a number of subjects such as pictures, diagrams and Visual AIDS, etc. The teacher can choose the student questions about the nature of the projects that they want to work as an individual or group project. In this way, allowing more participation for the students and the motivation to study relevant curriculum to wake up. It helps if the teacher can work with students
Arts, entertainment and Feng-Shui-connection

There are many levels of relationship between art, entertainment and Feng Shui.
All three of the social upper class has been supported in the past in China. They were in the past, only members of the elite class are available. Because of this fundamental relationship in China is art influenced by the principles of Feng-Shui. To travel the world, many of these principles applied to art and design in China is part of the art of other cultures. The philosophy behind these principles has affected manufacturers around the world on many artists, composers, designers, writers and entertainment for many centuries. This is true, or a deliberate influence artists or not.

With the increasing popularity of Feng Shui in Europe, America and the Western world, we are today considering this influence in a better understanding and use of these principles. This allows us to make use of Arts and entertainment and more. The level of balance and harmony in our lives and in the world. Feng Shui is a key element in any creative endeavor, as it provides the framework for our intention revealing and authorities.

Painting, sculpture, photography of all the Visual Arts Service elements of Feng Shui in their development and in their application. Color fill, form, subject, etc., is a decision of the artist. This decision is based on the artists ' Intention ', every option that makes artists to bring the feeling or message for the audience pieces are completed. Most artists worked on a subconscious level that connects to universal law based on the principles of Feng Shui. When an artist with a red background with a dark horse as a topic, he is already linked in the sense of the subconscious but universal elements of this. Art buyers’ access to the universal laws are the same, although the reasons for their conscious and unconscious are attracted by very different artists. The principles of Feng Shui that still works. Types of energy for the life of the purchaser and where it's stuck the red and black lure. This is important when shopping and hanging from art experts suggest the best placement for repair of your life and your facility. This applies to all forms of art. On a subconscious level, we are interested in the arts. It speaks to us at this level and we need to ensure, working for us and not against us. For example: someone likes blue and has a beautiful picture hung in his bedroom, where many beautiful shades of blue, and this completes the setting. It sounds like the perfect choice, right? Not really, because the image of a woman stuck in a relationship is the bedroom and lust for life to find a life partner. Inappropriate, color and energy content as needed, to take his life. We need our art with care and goal setting.

"Music has the power to pacify wild animals." Why is this so true? Music can be energetic adjustment; In Feng Shui is used as energy for healing because really, convert the energy in the body and space music/sound can be. Yes, it's powerful. Strong enough to pacify wild animals in all of us, and much more. Music suitable for universal energy and, like the Visual Arts began with the creator, which in this case is the burner then go to the composer. Current composers through musicians, sound technicians and come to you. How and where you use, it can change your life. Excellence is achieved through these principles, music production, production and application.

Follow the same rules any form of entertainment: the movie musical, etc. Everything starts with the writer, Director and producer, or they are not aware, they create the mood by using the principles of Feng Shui. What is the feeling you want to make? What it looks like? Stage and costume design? Light and sound? Viewers experience what? This is an important element in the production and conscious use of Feng Shui will help voice, influence and success of the production. We all benefit from Feng Shui, when we visited the performing arts, concerts, movies, music or play, where we enjoy. Lights, sounds, colors, and content affect our conscious and unconscious changes to our energy level and energy from the audience as a whole. We were inspired, transported and change
Arts and entertainment-husband to appreciate Theatre

If you are the one who asked what comes to mind when they think about the Broadway Theater, they tend to say goes hand in hand with the image of New York City and the theater district. New York is definitely the Mecca of all things Broadway. However, many cities have Metro areas in the United States and decorate it, for hosting the hottest Broadway plays. Earlier, who viewed the quality of art, have you no longer in New York City? Opera, Ballet, musicals, productions and works across the country makes it vulnerable to Broadway fans ... and their spouses.

Yes, that's right, their husbands. Don't forget, not all male or female who is avidly against participation in Broadway plays, in fact we all enjoy the same. However, it seems that there is music of every type of stubborn men and especially women, most of the protests, when it comes, accompanied by their wives. At least this is the stereotype or the stigma that goes along with a ' macho '. So, ladies, how can you persuade, bribe, promote or take your man to watch and help also really enjoy it? Here are some tips:

  1. Find the action: Select drama or infused the production or action of playback. Les Miserable is a great game and blast the papers struggling with scenes of war. This intensive measures he perhaps did not, however, the aspect of music, and in fact, he may find that it adds to the experience. You ask him, on the soundtrack of favorites from World War II.
  2. Surprise him: the prevention of you all before, include, art, entertainment and food and surprise her for the night. Dinner or even a weekend schedule.
  3. Make a deal: offers what he wants to do or give her the space to enjoy things, she loved with so he can see it is a compromise of the claim.
  4. Create an event: if he wants to go to eat and dance then get disguised in the dinner, go see a Broadway play and dance. Combined with the things that you both will enjoy a night of fun for both of you.
  5. Furthermore: you invite some friends to join you. Her husband more comfortable around a group of people that he knows and your girlfriends happy to even out.
  6. Give a little: the best relationships are with two-way-way-that is, if you're an art test questions, not for anything, he's enjoying a fair effort. It might mean you don ball and Jersey Sunday to watch the game, but if you know you can in the spirit of the game and have fun. The results, which she, that you hit him in the middle of her doing the same for you.

These Tips are focused, but art can be applied to your partner really interested with what you want. The best way for anyone to enjoy the art of do-promote the reinforcement of negative or positive and never pushed the words of scolding. Eligibility and use them to find whatever piece of music, or the production of enjoy and which part they like most. It was the music, storyline, special effects, sets, props and wardrobe-these are great if you are having a fantastic Theater from the audience of one of America's
Arts and entertainment for the budget-Minded Aficionado

By Daniel Stowers

Expert author Daniel Stowers

During a recession, people tend to cut back on arts and entertainment spending. But the arts enrich life and entertainment is very important during difficult financial times. Here are some ideas that are inexpensive to cultural activities.

The movie looks best on a big screen. If you crave a movie when it's actually released, go to matinees. Seniors can get big discounts on tickets.

More tips:

-A single-screen cinema and theatre on the edge of town tend to charge less for tickets.

-Check out Your Recreation Department Park & during the summer. Many funds free outdoor movie nights.

-If you or someone you know has a projection equipment, hold movie nights in your backyard. Throw a potluck dinner and borrowed a couple of classic movies from the library.

If live theater on your list, try volunteering as a waiter on-call. Training is minimal and mostly Usher get to see the show for free. Your old usher, the more likely you will select shows.

More tips:

-Local Repertory Company usually costs less than the larger theatre productions.

-Matinees and weekends are cheaper than weekends.

-Search for a local theatre group that performs for free in public parks.

-Check Your Neighborhood free Library children's programs including puppet shows, storytelling, and music performance.

The museum exhibits can be expensive, but most any corporate sponsored museum offers free day at least once a month. Check out the Web site and do some research-it is not always easily available information. You can always call and find out, then any day in the calendar and plan accordingly. This also applies to children's Museum and the Museum of science.

More tips:

-Keep small gallery openings for new artist and group exhibitions. Get on their mailing list.

-Exhibition Road will have, on average, at least two full mode is worth a free arts and crafts demonstrations, entertaining.

-Volunteer as instructors in your favorite Gallery or museum. You will be informed about the arts, local art, and perhaps an invitation to the event.
The visual arts

By Anirban Bhattacharya

The history of mankind was witnessing the human tendency to met by the aesthetics and beauty of life. People tend to make, again, and change is another demonstration of the history shows to us. Even in prehistoric times, has the characteristic of this man, who clearly with pictures on the walls of stone, carving, etc.

In prehistoric times men have no other way to express yourself than the image on a wall or rock. This is the earliest forms of art, the way in which young artists like to describe what he wanted. In literary terms is simply the communication arts, recreational artists from his vision.

Art, however, is not limited to drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. There are visual arts, such as bonsai tree or luxury hybrid roses. The visual arts are a class of art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, and others, that focus on creating works which are primarily visual in nature. Currently even dancing, figure skating, gymnastics, Ballet etc. considered as part of the Visual Arts. Simply put, if you do something artistic or running an art, you even take something that has been done before and changed by your own character to pieces to add or change.

The last time was some emerging-art-pop art, ethnic art, etc. The subject of art is just so so big that there is no binding for creativity and what makes it so very interesting.
Girl fight-Turkey News columnist Arman off gloves against entertainment Queen Avsar

By Jim Master Co-author: Perihan Masters
Expert author Jim Masters

We mentioned back in May that Turkey beauty Queen Hülya Avsar entertainment and has his opponents. But it was not until recently that they began lining up against him. And they're not very rough play.

For example, female Newspaper columnists opened highly respected (and usually liberal minded) Intifada Arman's anti-Avsar-attack at the end of September was, "I did not fall to the low grade Hülya Avsar!"

The comments came after a series of exchanges between Arman and loose-lipped columnist entertainer began when politically charged statements that make "Avsar Turkey who want to create an individual should go ahead and do it. Let them live the way they want to live. For example, if you want Kurdish Kurdish State ... it is similar to Turkey's desire to join the Union. "

When he heard Avsar riposted, Arman, the comment "there are some people in show business are a broken zipper mouth!"

Arman added, "Avsar should stick to what they do well ... beauty, acting, singing, entertaining and funny. But when it comes to the topic of politics, political issues are very heavy ... then I have to say, ' Hülya ... Keep, ladies! ' "

These words are certainly upset MS. Avsar, and they came back with its own salvo. "Intifada Arman wrote too much about sex in the newspaper column. She had sex, and the like, on the brain. Well, he also practiced what he preaches. They lured the husband of one of my female friends--and broke some marriages. If I enter politics, I would nominate Arman as Minister responsible for the happy marriage breaks up. "

And in the News next morning, Arman is correct, "check out speak evil" MS Arman replied, "I have learned the lesson of morals almost everyone I know--at one time or another. The only exception is Hülya Avsar ... people with a personal history like his, it does not have anything to teach me or anyone else--in the morality. "

The importance of the arts in the classroom

Fine art (Encarta, 2004) is defined as "is a form of art, painting, sculpture, architecture, engraving, an image or a pure aesthetic value" in the Encarta dictionary. Although this definition is used in connection with the art in the world, in terms of teaching, the art is defined as the issue of profits, not essential to the learning process and is often due to lack of time, the potential for learning a little and no money was running out. Art as easy as learning to paint and draw, it doesn't matter a scholar. Author Victoria Jacobs explains, "Art in the elementary school that is often separated from the core curriculum and vice versa is offered as an enrichment activities regarded as beneficial but not required" (Jacobs, 1999, p. 2).

What's missing in the classroom that the teacher shortage to know the benefits of art-based curriculum. The teacher has "very little understanding of art as a discipline of study. Think who used to amuse art lessons as a teacher-oriented project or to teach other disciplines "(Berghoff, 2003, s. 12)." Art push the boundaries of learning for students and promotes creative thinking and deeper understanding of the theme of the talk-and literature education, mathematics, science and social studies. Teachers must include all genres, including theatre arts, Visual Arts, dance and music into their lesson plans, because the art is to open the extra motivation of students to a deeper understanding of their education. The art of teaching is the most powerful tool that teachers in their classes were present, because this way the student can learn at their highest level.

From 1977 to 1988, there were extraordinary Reports only Show three advantages of artistic training. These reports three come to our senses, culture, and education (1977), we may be United to save the arts Explosionproof American children, sponsored by the American Council for the Arts (1988), and the prestigious studies toward civilization, from the National Endowment for the Arts (1988). This study three transformed art education was very important for our students to attain higher education. Although this study proved to be learning the art of healing, it was not until 2002 when the research analysis of critical links: learning in the arts and student academic and social development "provide evidence for learning and performance, as well as the positive social results, if art is an integral part of the learning experience" is by legislators (Burns ernst genommen2003, p. 5). A study in the analysis is focused on teaching the keyboard to determine if a student gateway to spatial reasoning can be increased training in the classroom. It's getting the training students, involved no hampel computer components. It came to the conclusion that learning through the arts enhance the core curriculum notes subjects such as math and science, where spatial reasons most used (Swan Hudkins, 2003).

This study shows how small changes in the way that students through art as a powerful effect on their learning achievements and agreements can have. Another study shows a vulnerable pupil, for one year, participated in arts-based curriculum standard tests of their language by an average of eight percentile points if thrown two years listed, 16 percentile points. Students, not in the form of an abstract activity showed no change in percentile (Swan Hudkins, 2003). While this may not seem like a huge boost, students are able to learn to use this type of risk, to their learning styles thereby mending learn their patterns. The most interesting case studies in the analysis it took Sampson, North Carolina schools where increased for two consecutive years only their standard test scores in schools, arts education in their school district (Swan Hudkins, 2003). Teaching art must be included in every teacher's daily lesson plans in these studies, students are taught through the arts, increased testing and learning levels.

Due to the high amount of attention President Bush abandoned children Act, has required in school, teaching, art left behind. Another reason for the lack of art to the author class Victoria Jacobs explains "the budget shrank from the school district in the State of the art professionals and art programs have disappeared from many school" (Jacobs, 1999, p. 4). Fine art is seen as non-educational or extracurricular AK

Abstract art abstract paintings & panoramic views, cultivated with mystery, developing accuracy


I remember a while back, so I really need my attention right away, faced. I interviewed lives on primetime network television movie, as well as a series of major shows in conjunction with the opening of the art exhibition. As soon as he's my cable and I was on stage, and only a few minutes before the live circuit, a very charming guy interviewed me, whispered to me: "I don't know what the questions are, what do you recommend?" I said, no problem, if you I am just 3 questions to ask, I will do the rest. She was relieved and the questions quickly. The green light came on, we went to live and perfect smooth and successful interview wrapped up. A camera crew came on stage with a big smile and confirmed for both of us. But strangely, he praised the interviewer for her as a connoisseur of art!


Aesthetics as a set of principles and a branch of philosophy concerned with questions relating to beauty and artistic experience. In our general understanding that exposed a great level of misinterpretation, especially in the field of abstract art field are very vague. In all areas of Humanities, where less is known about the field and not just formulated principles, another authoritarian is a field. In the field of art, developed exactly with no fundamental right is techniques and approaches of artists to imagine, to explore and create their art is wide open.

The artist also "legal" trade, subject to where to teach the different schools disagree "Artist" "as" an artist and painting specific types of critics began to rely on the abundant fields like consulting with an open jaw is not an excuse. "Authorities," in the field of fine arts, from which most never have all of the pictures themselves have painted but very "fluid" and "cultured", by some standards he memorized, analyse opinions and artwork and projects of a humanitarian nature, the paintings the artist's every step, every time the artist presents his art for criticism, in particular to find, what is wrong with them and how they deal with it should suit this "Professor" brand "knowledge."

I'll admit, one point; generalizing here for a little bit but one of these bells ring true for you? Can you think of an artist, You know, who is this ship or on? I live and survive on everything, trust and believe that it is logical and more free ways to care for your creative impulses so that the artists can paint so freely as he wanted. Something in me told me that there is something fundamentally not right enough with constructive criticism, "we are teaching as" people in our own world of art through the eyes of "critics", I'm sorry, Professor. I have a "School of thought" as the authoritarian methods of teaching, which hold the thoughts, emotions, or the efforts of artists, but not enough of a problem that I am at the moment sensors articulated views. I later found out, that this mechanism of thought through teaching, only one element in our community take control by nature of oppression of art that creative artists with resisting the urge to sacrifice an entire culture.

Artists are often "accused" with his head in the clouds, and live in the real world of the imagination. This brings the need for a good and thorough considerations are just as reality bites. Plowing through some fields on the search for tools to measure the aesthetic and the process of creating Leave empty handed us until we splurge to examine our thoughts and considerations in the field of philosophy.


Thinking and reasoning is a social activity for most people. Requires the involvement of external forces, as men became part of the company, as the company is part of the individual. From the moment of birth of a maze of social customs, beliefs, values, language, religion, political and other traditional ideas well positioned to form a picture of the child, and is based entirely on faith and trust. Operations in the community as social inheritance so masterfully instilled that in fact science is often mistaken as genetic.


We all enjoy and wish you a pleasant conversation with our staff, friends and family. But if we look at and examine our environment, we note that the majority of our population have difficulty with communication. Two-way communication that takes place when we are free to recognize the thoughts and ideas together to initiate each other can continue and these interactions back and forth, by further by exchanging thoughts and ideas, enjoy a game of tennis is very similar; where the return ball, depending on the quality.

There are times when we see a break in communication, if either one of the parties in turn disowned and come back or pulse, thought, to continue the conversation, or optimal title to bring.

People who have difficulty with the creation, normally accustomed to, making this game as weather disasters or events or stories of a colleague who forwarded. You get inspired by their own imagination; very few notifications were on their own, and those riled up if given something imaginative people. "" This is good because of their educational and cultural environment, or their education.

The construction is very important to carry the message. These people primarily in terms of issue graduated from external sources to communicate level. They saw their story to talk about; They received a call about a family affair, talking about it. They wait for external circumstances, bringing interaction, otherwise not commit with a message "you". You've got an irresistible desire obsessively toward something, or inhibit, and awkward and unnatural behavior in communication. If they succeed, often turned sharply to derailment of dialogue, and a high level of bitterness, to bring hatred and prejudicial conclusions.

Others are the ones that are not, or not imaginative, engage their origin to them explain to you, an interview by nature dependent; This complete with very little imagination. As a result, we can determine that a fun and interesting conversation, requires the involvement of two creative minds, with similar creative impulses are used, each other to make the art of communication.

Visual Arts, following the same principle, as art is a form of Visual communication. The artist is Visual communication as s message through the presentation of his art, his audience. The quality and presence of the initiative, which goes through in making a Visual message, which he transfers his audience; quality, the response of the audience to determine whether or not to get involved. Therefore the arts follow the dialog similar to how much personal and conversational, the same principles of communication for success or failure

An artist with a low fantasy, not orally, can communicate well not visual. He's no visual messages in his art, or if he does, it's not done, it evokes no interaction with his audience. The lack of expression is primarily due to the heavy reliance on the artist on the cause of the audience – as external forces – art direction, release the "still." Therefore, there is no emotional interaction between the audience and the painting.

Artist, high fantasy, is probably necessary to enjoy his artistic skills in the technical implementation. With that he was competent, easy and powerful to make visual messages on the screen; Creates an interaction between the audience and his paintings.

Only the Visual message for every viewer. The message is used only as a Visual or artistic "code" subjective decode according to any viewer. similar to a popular song, echoes, which are widely through the mediation of listener-make the same melody sounds different moods in different listeners.

The communication quality of artistic expression, so the intent of the artist as a carrier wave, conveying their message to the audience. Technical knowledge, is a performance art is also very important, and sometimes naturally successful; Although the quality of Visual communication remains before the technical implementation of art. Carrier wave that communicate the intention of the artist to his audience, is the phenomenon of me.


Imagination is the faculties or ideas to form action in the mind and the ability to be creative, and resourceful. The ability to communicate, come is directly proportional to the imagination. On the contrary, it is not true that the imagination first took the lead in danger, lack of imagination, expressing thoughts and ideas. The imagination is frustrated and fatigued on the artists, to reach the other side, to the point that did not reach them to become dependent on. The artist can then incredibly profitable, creative impulse for rehabilitation through creating art communicative ability came from, and the expression of thoughts and feelings, and they, and hence returns to start.

Imagination is the driving force behind the artist's DEX, he leads art and finesse that he communicate his impulses as Visual message. More fine artists creative impulses, a clear visual message to share thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and other creative abilities with his audience. Imagination is the cause before, before artistic expression as the effects; intrinsic and undeniable, starting his own cause in the future as postulates first, followed by the effect, which is expressed as a painting. Its implementation better. So the artist through the imagination continue to live in the future.

When abstract expressionism, the art of the conduit for dialogue between the imagination and the audience, which is an expression such as painting. Further, the artist is familiar with the inherent truth and virtue by which he himself created has become more free, his creative impulses, and the more motivated he can bring his art to expressions.

Abstract expressionism, is a fruit native to the imagination. Fantasy art is the only form of wealth, which gives us as dividends. Imagination is the place of art conceived and germinate. Fantasy does not try not with reason, to classify the physical universe as real or imaginary, not judging or evaluating things in categories. It's just understanding the ideas and encourage them-no more.

The magic of art, is the spirit does not exist independent of each other outside in the design or presentation of feelings and inner images. The design or presentation of art, is a skill; Outsourcing, where art is revealed. The magic of art, especially contemporary art within the intellectual awareness of the spirit, concept and ideas form. The essence of creation, located in conception. If the artist include the establishment of a conceptual idea, and then came the external world in the form of an abstract or modern paintings, the artist has been born to the expression and the creation process is complete.

Similarly, if our verbal communication, the words that we speak, is the expression of our ideas have been designed and manufactured in our minds, which is expressed in our speech. Located outside the boundaries of our visionary and mental calculation and the limits of physical or material resources they may be stated; Because it's hard not to recall the thoughts or feelings that we have us, far better than what can be in our speech. The influence of painting, writing words, make one just the interpretation of the imagination in the field of the mind and spirit of a piano keyboard. You are not in the field of education of aesthetics, the spiritual pursuit.

Imaginative ideas are much larger in circumference, as what describes the artist on canvas. The expression is, whether in the form of abstract painting, singing a song, poem or write a piece of music only on restrictions and prohibitions which they can do in the material world. It is designed to change the truth of the imagination. As far as the idea of the original idea, which rejected this change, how many realized and filled with expression of ideas, not measurable, or fully known at this time.

A work of art is understood and appreciated by direct observation. Between artists, art making, and viewers who see it, was a miracle: the expressive imagination. This is our own creative impulses, perception and appreciation of aesthetic expression in art, which allows your experience is what will we resonance by the artist; and therefore always in two-way communication with the artists thanks to art; art is a spiritual connection to me.


Knowledge and understanding are the basis for the creation of art. Knowledge is part of the imagination in spirit, aesthetic impulse in designed and transformed into other forms of artistic expression. to understand the process, defining the best: know and understand; and why know about understanding is.

Knowledge is the quality of the mind, in the steps variable. Knowledge is the awareness and impression in the pursuit of the target. It requires no dependence on outside forces. This knowledge coupled with the assurance, the ability and confidence. Knowledge is the State of consciousness; It is a particular State of knowledge. People with great skills in specific areas has beliefs and consciously knowing that they know regardless of any external factors.

Knowledge is a different understanding, that comes with learning. The enlightenment of the felt on the perception of truth is to know. To find out is complete in itself. This is an activity, which by itself and is even available. Knowledge is to know to know. Knowledge is to know the Faculty and the ability to know the truth-self determined.

Confidence is knowing it is confident. Something known without effort. Mastery of certain competencies to know. It is an artist's imaginative impulses spontaneously grasping abstract art know. To know is confidence, which is used to track tasks. There is one certainty in the minds and consciously consider that certain conclusions can be drawn. To know is to make the work of fantasy in the conception of an abstract painting or immediate conclusion in conclusion of the composition of the art. Knowing the truth is in the consciousness and the certainty of it all, can penetrate the barrier is real or imagined.

Understand on the other hand is down to know because the commitment of external elements in the universe, subject to meet. This is a result of the formation of the Group's activities with the outside world. As an example of the study of modern art, created this understanding two styles of art or the art of prehistory. It does not depend on the perception or awareness of what is the nature of our us.

The activity is a search for understanding knowledge is possible, since it is obtained as a study of modern painting. It meets the target itself. The understanding is to come, know something in a certain direction; How to play the piano or a foreign language to learn. This is true in terms of skills, what do I know.

Ability to cook and enjoy good food with friends is to understand how the o for cooking and entertaining. The ability to paint a work of modern art is the understanding of the art itself. The ability to collect beautiful flowers and share them with our neighbors understand to make gardening and good intentions. Ability and competence in a conversation with someone understand success is team skills and communication. Understanding is the universal solvent. Understanding brings peace and harmony. There may be things to wash road.

In the field of art, external reference sources, as mimicry or imitation, compromised the integrity of imagination, ideas, thoughts and concepts; and the art is so blackened by understanding and reliance on external forces that are being made. Know, purely from the States, by the spirit and soul as the artist gave birth to new forms of abstract. Abstract art is an example of the emergence of communication, the audience as a pure expression of self presentation.


Pure creation of art such as abstract painting is emotional, rational thought activity or reason, resolve, how he met through a spiritual journey in time, space and movement, light, color and shape. This is a State of consciousness, which evokes the most innate essence of the artist's imaginative and analytical power. Higher awareness and clarity, he felt the higher is the flexibility and immediacy that he attributes to various aspects of life.

Johannes Itten (1888-1967), was one of the most important modern art master at the Bauhaus school in Germany, which had produced lessons philosophie some great artists of the 20th century. Itten principles brought to light, and in the understanding and appreciation of the value of the additional knowledge in fields outside of art. He believed, study and mastery in the field of philosophy, horticulture, landscaping, sewing, woodworking, etc, necessary to develop personal interaction and hands-on experience with nature. See Ittens to understand the life of the play structure, form and texture, a big hand in developing the creative impulse. He believes in all the skills acquired, is important for the competent execution art by memory and inspiration. Itten words concisely and illuminate this subject more eloquently expressed in the following quote.

"When new ideas to take artistic forms, physical, sensual, spiritual and intellectual strength and ability should all be equally available and act in concert."-Johannes Itten

Hans Hofmann (1880-1966), an artist living in Germany, his youth in Paris and patron of French avant-garde movement. His friends, including impressive Matisse, Miro, Picasso, and Bracques. He developed through the period of revolution of Western art in the early 1900s and later, when he emigrated to America, he is considered the father of abstract expressionism. Hofmann taught very effectively promote his disciples in their own experience, develop a unique artistic signature explore; The nature of economic advisers just as a reference. He articulated the concept in part as follows:

"Nature is full of rhythm, the diversity of which may not be restricted.
The art of imitation in this case to clarify itself and thus
achieve the same level of greatness, stands out in a State of some
Harmony, the harmony of colours, which at some point and
Restored wholeness through next. This action should sync
as the real and only subject of painting. "-Hans Hofmann
His technique of push and pull Hofmann showed that illusion of abstract, can be made of depth, space, and movement, through the use of colors and shapes without images. His teaching was very influential in the progress and development of abstract expressionism, especially about the wisdom of a philosophical nature of the largest art and artists, and it is not copied, but inspire.


The artist developed his aesthetic ideas in the imagination and transforms it into a painting. His paintings lead to communicate Visual message and his audience. This painting is the artistic performances, with which he says about himself. Fine art for its audience, in this case given the consideration, any potential criticism made by critics. The sole decision makers is the emotional reactions of people are art works or not, based on the quality of their art to communicate with them.

You really have the secret, where recognition of the successful work of art to bring out here is a simple acid test by history Asia: ancient Chinese poet, Gedichte in the entire country, commendably read, have a simple test, to ensure acceptance of listeners. He questioned the popularity every time she writes a poem in her hometown. He takes her to an old woman with flowers, she knows to read the ring and he's in the old city. If he liked it, he published and if it's not him it was discarded and new writing. The conclusion is very wise and prudent in this survey is as follows: when the poems are understood and appreciated by a farmer in the town square, they will also be popular with its readers. So, here is the simplicity of pure successful and extensive artwork will communicate with the essence.

The bottom line here is in relation to the Visual Arts, stated that a successful work of Art Is figurative or abstract art has emotional impact they do it and the response to care that cause involved and understand painting. If they understand it, talk about it, participate in it, and putting it to complete a part of him in them yourself as your own artwork.

Litmus test for a good part of any art that lifts all errors are classified as Esoteric, along with "expert", a particular type of winding up "knowing" or "knowledge" to appreciate and understand the requirements for the public to know especially abstract art that the papacy is China's "flower Lady". Nothing is further from the truth. The simple truth is this: a single pulse of audience any instinctive and instantaneous joy that he felt and a walk through his Senses, in responding to the pleasure of the Chief Judge, featuring art audience, he warned that the presence of Kunstwerk success-and no more.


"Greater Art than science because the two go through a tedious accumulation and careful consideration, while his former targets at the same time reached by intuition and presentation; Can science along with talent, but art requires genius. "-Germany Philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

The purity of the life force or spirit does not belong to any part of the physical or material universe. Have no mass, no shape, position in space, there is no energy, and no movement. Located in the spirit world; and this is not religious, but spiritual talk.

The artist is more intellectually and spiritually gifted, demonstration and expression of ideas. Clarity about the concepts of his awareness and his willingness, which is directly related to the level of dealing with life. More purity, the vitality of consciousness reached an aesthetic sense of the artist's strong and intelligent beings is artistic expression. Abstract art, expressed in its purest form by the soul.

The interaction of the artist with his canvas, completely free from the worries of the universe feel; When he paints a memorable time as she entered the world of the sublime spiritual awareness. A country where, according to Schopenhauer, the Sun looks the same, whether in jail or court. This level of grandeur, charming glimpses of life PE of saturated fat; our suffering, that allows us to show our pain by higher elevation point of aesthetic qualities.

Tranquility and relaxation in our room to inject art. It Humanizes our relationship. It soothes our mind and soul. The art of addressing us from the torment of the mortal and material world by limited in our view. The best interest of our sense of art and our emotions. Wonderful arts and culture gives up men to get the light of peace and joy.

Paintings from your photos

The market for contemporary Chinese art was developed for the international art market segment, the fastest growing feverish pace, always singular. Since 2004, the prices for works by Chinese artists by 2,000 per cent or more, with paintings by that even today brings a total of more than $ 1 million to under $ 50,000 sold. Nowhere is more evident in the explosion was felt in China, where he, a massive Gallery District, auction houses 1,600 and the first generation of Chinese contemporary art collector has produced.
This enthusiasm for Chinese contemporary art has led to a wave of criticism. There were allegations that Chinese collectors use land auction houses to rising prices and speculation of broad run, just so, as if they're trading in stocks or real estate. Collectors West is also accused of speculation, the artists say their work is cheap to buy and then sell it for ten times the original price, and sometimes more.
Those who entered the market in the last three years to find the Chinese contemporary art prices are surefire bets each sale will be doubled. Sotheby's New York sale of Asian contemporary art, dominated by Chinese artists brought a total of $ 13 million in March 2006; the same sale last March it raised $ 23 million and Sotheby's Hong Kong sale of Chinese contemporary art in April amounted to almost $ 34 million. Since 2004, Christie's Hong Kong had sales of Asian contemporary art. 2005 Sales total $ 11 million with a total of $ 25.3 million in sales to one night in May this year on the set of the shadow.
Those numbers, impressive as it is, did not convey to the success at the auction by a few Chinese artists Zhang Xiaogang and start: Yue Minjun, Cai Guo-Qiang, Liu Xiaodong Liu ye. Zeng Fanzhi's leader, mask series No. 6 (1996) sold for $ 9.6 million, a record for contemporary Chinese art at Christie's in Hong Kong in May this year.
Zhang Xiaogang, reminiscent of a family during the cultural revolution, great color photos, brooding face increased $ 76,000 in 2003 has seen his record when his oil paintings at Christie's Hong Kong, $ 2.3 million in November 2006 at $ 6.1 million in April this year.
Pictures of gunpowder by Cai Guo-Qiang, who just received a Retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, sold for well under $ 500,000 in 2006. suite of 14 brought $ 9.5 million last year.
Art price index of Chinese artists took 35 Awards top 100 contemporary artists for many at auction last year rival, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and other artists.
"All those who look to the East, and from China, and the art market is no different," said Kevin Ching, Sotheby's Asia CHIEF EXECUTIVE. "Despite the subprime crisis across the business strengthened confidence still in China, the United States, or the fact that some other financial markets appear nervous, the Olympics and the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010."
There is evidence, however, the international market for Chinese art began slowly. In Sotheby's contemporary Asian art in March, 20 percent of sales offered no loose buyers who discovered and even works on record-setter as hardly put their low estimate of Zhang Xiaogang. "The market is up, always so that we are no longer able to sell everything," said Xiaoming Zhang, Chinese contemporary art specialist at Sotheby's New York. "The collector has to be really smart and focus only on certain artists, certain times, certain material."
In turn, the Western Gallery of Chinese artists are eager to track a few years ago, many of you were not known. ZENG Fanzhi, signed, for example, by Aquavella Galleries in New York City on a two-year contract, $ 20 million, exceeding after the Beijing gallery owner near negotiations; William Acquavella declined to comment. Zhang Xiaogang and Zhang Huan joined PaceWildenstein and Ai Weiwei and Liu Xiaodong with Mary Boone in the spring. Almost all the major New York Gallery artist China has logged in recently: Yan Pei Ming David Zwirner, Xu Zhen at James Cohan, Huang Yong Ping with Gladstone, Marian Goodman in Fudong, Liu ye at Sperone Westwater. His works are in private and public collections that have shown particular interest in Asian contemporary art until now did not exist.
"The behavior of the market is not as I expected," said New York dealer Max Protetch, artists from China has been represented since 1996. "We all expected to be through Chinese artists from the same process happening anywhere else in the world with art. I assume that few artists would fall under the table, which is not true. All have increased. Seems like a non-critical market. "
One of the most important artists supported by the success of these is Zeng Fanzhi, known for "mask"-series. Five years ago his works sold for under $ 50,000. Today command prices in the major markets closer to $ 1 million, with huge collector Charles Saatchi and Jose Mugrabi among fans. Now his first solo exhibition in preparation Aquavella in December, he was one of the more serious artists in Beijing are considered, because of her own, without hordes of assistants who found work in the studios of artists most different in China. The typical way of life that his friends were equally successful. When asked if he has a giant black Hummer parked outside his Studio, he replied, "no, this is an ugly car. I have a G5-Benz. "
This success has been developed under the auspices of the Chinese Government. Film, television and news agencies rigorously censored, but overall, not art. Despite sporadic exhibition closed or customs seizures as a whole, the Government is supporting the growth of the art market art work and have uninterrupted activity private. In the District of 798 Gallery in Beijing, Bauhaus-style former ammunition complex, hottest Arts Centre, with more than 150 galleries, change in the capital, one found a job, to combat poverty and social problems, corruption and sexual mores. Former China unhappy workers and farmers and heroic soldiers, raising the red banner is treated with irony, if at all, by artists, including in this gallery to see, is a private place not usually under the strict supervision of the Ministry of culture.
On the eve of the Olympic Games, but called on the Government to play an Gallery, an exhibition until after the move. Considered inappropriate "touch", a performance by Ma Baozhong at Beijing Xin 15 paintings Gallery showing important moments in the history of China, Mao Zedong based with the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama in Show 1954 including one in a photograph.

The municipality of Beijing spent huge funds to the district 798 before the Olympics, to renovate the stone streets and the main shaft with a cafe. Shanghai, which has benefited from Government support, has now at least 100 galleries. Local governments across the country to set up the SoHo-style to encourage tourist area galleries.

Someone who seems to believe in the future of the Chinese market Arne Glimcher, founder and President of PaceWildenstein opened a branch from the gallery in Beijing in August. In the 22,000-square-foot cement with increasing cover, transformed at a cost of $ 20 million by architect Richard Gluckman, the Gallery is located in the Central District of 798. "we are determined, the arts, and we would like to open a gallery, where are our artists," says Glimcher. Adding that he usually avoids the rooms world-wide trends ' McGallery ' to build the satellite, Glimcher, that it is necessary to establish a branch in Beijing, because "there is no local Gallery caliber us" with the speed of a partner may be. He has, however, Leng Lin, founder of Beijing commune, another gallery works were recruited in 798, Director.
Dealers adopted a more Western China jump, are Arthur Solway, the newly opened branch of James Cohan Shanghai. "I started coming to China five years ago, and I was blown away by the energy," said Solway Gallery to Asia, but as Glimcher want to implement, could not find an artist the museum such as Bill Viola, Wim Wenders and Roxy Paine or qualified personal gallery, which he considered as professionals, treat the exhibition. James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is located on the ground floor of the Art Deco structure in 1936 in the French concession, particularly beautiful part of the city. The building that was once occupied by the military and the Red Chinese characters above the entrance still advise, "the spirit of Mao Zedong for 10,000 years."

"From 1966 to 1976, while not having people from the cultural revolution, but now there is a spa in Shanghai and people drinking cappuccino and to buy Rolex watches-it is an amazing phenomenon," says Solway, who believes it is only a matter of time before it just starts a new wealthy consumers to collect contemporary art.

Wildlife art-history and development


Some of the earliest of all the known art (prehistoric cave and rock art) has wild animals. However, it can be more properly considered the art of food, but as art about wildlife like that.

The appearance of the animal world is largely absent throughout the history of art in the Western world, art, for many people, the fact that art in this period is dominated by the most narrow perspective on reality, as a religion. Only recently, as a free society, and art it produces, by a narrow view as a growing wildlife art.

Wildlife is also a difficult lesson for artists, because it is difficult to find and even more difficult to find, even in the pose long enough, not to mention even the sketch, color to keep. Current progress as this makes photography easier and more, regardless of the fact that art forms in their own right. Wildlife Art is now much easier to reach both accurate and aesthetically.

Wild animals and birds more often in the course of history has shown in art outside of the Western world.

Art began around wild animals represent an important source of food in history. In the early history of the Western world seems natural to mention off of has, and this is reflected in the lack of wildlife art for most of the history of art. Recently, the company and the art that resulted, which has become far more tolerant. Wild animals become Marvel at something, such as new areas of the world for the first time, something to hunt for aesthetic pleasure to admire and rescue has been investigated. This interest is reflected in the art of wildlife.

The history and development of the wildlife art ...

Wildlife Art in prehistoric times.

Art animals and birds appear in some of the earliest known examples of artistic creation, such as cave paintings and rock carvings

The earliest known cave paintings were made around 40,000 years ago in the Upper Paleolithic. This artwork is probably more of a decoration of living spaces, as they often are in caves, which are difficult to access and there is no sign of human habitation. Wildlife is much of the daily life of the people at that time, in particular with regard to hunting for food, and this is reflected in their art. Interpretation of religious nature known as an important factor in the appearance of animals and birds are currently accepted.

May contain the most famous of all the cave paintings at Lascaux (France), pictures wild horses, which is one of the earliest known examples of the art of wildlife. Another example of wild animals is the cave paintings, the deer in the cave Spain Cueva de Las Monedas, probably painted around the time of the last ice age. Painting-the oldest known cave paintings (probably around 32,000 years) can be found also in France, in the cave of Chauvet and show horses, Lions, rhinos, Buffalo, mammoth, and people often hunt.

Wildlife is one of the most common form of cave art paintings. Themes are often big animals, including bison, horses, aurochs, Lions, bears and deer. People who may be connected with nature, especially with regard to their own survival rather than separate from it.
Wildlife Art of ancient (classical art).

History of the start date, the font is created. An early example of ancient art comes from Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Great art tradition have their origins in the art of one of six "classic" civilization of old: the old Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, India, or China. Every major civilization has developed their own unique style of art.

Animals are common in Chinese art, including some examples from the 4th century, represents the mythical creature and that shows the art because it is rather moving from a pure animal. Ming dynasty Chinese art has a pure wildlife species, including ducks, swans, sparrows, Tigers, and other animals and birds, with increased realism and detail.

In the 7th century, elephants, monkeys and other animals in carved stone at Ellora, India is presented. The carving was religious in nature, but a real animal, not a mythological creature.

The art of ancient Egypt includes many animals, used in the nature of a symbolic and very religious still shows the art of Egypt know enough Anatomy and attention to detail. Animal symbols used in symbolic language hieroglyphs Egypt.

Early South American art often shows a representation of the divine Jaguar.

Minoa, the largest bronze age civilization making naturalistic designs including fish, squid and a bird in the middle. Wild animals are still the most characteristic of their art, by increasing the diversity of species in the Minoan period end.

The art of the steppe nomads in Mongolia is first and foremost a deer, animal art, like gold and usually small as their travelling lifestyle.
Mid, ad 200 to 1430

This period (1200-1430) belong to the early Christian and Byzantine art, as the Roman and Gothic Art as well. Most of the art, which survives from this period is a realistic, not religious in nature. Animals in art at that time served as a symbol rather than a representation of the real world. So very little can wildlife art as time for there during this time.

Wildlife Art of the Renaissance, 1300 until 1602.

This art movement started by ideas that were originally made in Florence. After centuries of religious art, the Renaissance artist's dominance began to more mystical themes in the long direction and the depiction of the world around them, from the purely Christian subject interesting. The new technique, resulting in a using a portable painting and oil paintings, as well as new opportunities to see great changes in artistic expression such as perspective and the representation of realistic texture and lighting.

The two main schools of Renaissance Italy, the school was heavily influenced by the art of ancient Greece and Rome and Northern Europe ... Flemish, Netherlands and Germany, which are generally more realistic and less idealized in their work. Renaissance art reflects the revolution of ideas and science that have occurred at the time of the Reformation.

Donatello features artists such as Botticelli, of the early Renaissance. Animals are still present, such as "Pegasus" by Jacopo de'Barbari are used symbolically and mythological context.

Leonardo da Vinci was the most famous artists of the High Renaissance. Although most of his work to represent humans and technology integrates wildlife sometimes in his paintings, such as the Swan in "Swan" Leda and the animals in the "Lady with an ermine", represent and "investigation of the movement and position of the cat".

Dürer is considered the greatest artists of the Renaissance of Northern Europe. Albrecht Durer primarily known for wildlife, including pictures of the rabbit, Rhinoceros, Gimpel, owls, squirrels, small blue wing roller, monkeys and blue Crow.

Baroque wildlife art, 1600-1730.

Important artistic age, encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church and the aristocracy of the time, have great artists such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Rubens, Velázquez, Poussin, and Vermeer. Paintings from this period often use lighting effects to enhance dramatic effect.

Lion and "Goldfinch" by CAREL Fabrituis including wildlife art at this time.

Melchior de Hondecoeter specialize animals and birds species in the Baroque period with paintings, including "revolt in the chicken coup", "Fighting cock" and "Palace Amsterdam with exotic birds".

The art of the Rococo period was decadent later (1720-1780) subgenres of the Baroque period and includes such renowned artists such as Canaletto, Goya and Gainsborough. "Dromedary" Jean Antoine Watteau study and "the folly of animals" by Goya including wildlife art of the time.

Jean-Baptiste Oudry is a specialist wildlife often painted Rococo commissions for royalty.

Some illustrations of early scientific wildlife is also about this time for example from the artist William Lewin, published a book describing the bird United Kingdom, entirely painted by hand.

Making your experience worthwhile entering art competitions-nine tips

If you would like to include Your art works in a local art competition, nine art tips that can help is a great experience.

Art competition judges

One of the favorite pastimes of participants try to predict the type of special jury accepted image based on this jury of painting styles. Sometimes choosing your entry in this manner works and you get, but also I've seen, the judges chose an eclectic mix of styles and themes, only some of it as their own.

Art Tip # 1-my advice is to just give Your best work-painting exhibition, clever use of your media, well thought-out compositions and images that demonstrate creativity. These three important criteria are the judges most.

When it entered the chart shows your best strengthen you. Then the judges and viewpoints. And you've got just the vagaries of the process of the jury to accept. As a more extreme example could occur, I once had the same jury on two different occasions. I entered the same image in both the art and the jury rejected it from the first show and there is a difference in later. A nationally known artists told me similar stories about the paintings by him. It was rejected by the national event and won best event. I'm pretty sure that he meant the judge not.

Photograph your art

Art Tip # 2-the second important factor is that you control after a large piece of art, paintings, take a nice photo of it. Here the judge sees to judge your art; He must represent you well.

Images must be naturally short and recognizing colors, to match your art, so did a shoot their own work or a professional to look for.

What is that people who do not see their art photography lighting conditions will affect the color of the image. Exactly how the old film camera shooting turned out to be a picture with a digital camera with your image more orange. The image can turn greenish fluorescent lights. Shoot outside, with overcast skies to create a bluish color, so check your image before entering it.

Many people make mistakes with their digital camera to automatically set. To get color on your image in your graphics, you must understand how to adjust the white balance. Every time, when you have to shoot you in a different light conditions reset the white balance. Check your camera to do this in the manual.

A further award and a killer entry is entered into the required format contains the information necessary to send you. Always read the prospectus art competition. It's amazing, how many people do not directly convert his fee in the instructions.

Tip # 3-the art of the film left, so my advice is to make themselves familiar with preparing and sending a digital picture.

Art competition, digital input often require your image in a certain way to be formatted. The prospectus will often tell a black background and x some pixels in the square will have your entries. If you don't want to buy the software (such as Photoshop or Photoshop elements), that you do, there is a free Internet sites, you can also use the to format your images.

Design art

Okay, you have been recorded in an art competition. There is another important decision to make. How good are you?, to make your job

Select art Tips # 4-jury awards often, until he can see the real work. This decision applies to the entire presentation.

Mat and Your good art design is very important for two reasons.

Reason 1: you have surrounded a beautiful art work cheap-looking frames or frames are scratched or dented, has reduced the only award the eligibility of Your work in the eyes of the jury.

If you and your art, surrounded by colorful or inappropriately colored mat, you have further reduced the chances of getting the award. It's best to be conservative. Use white or off-white mat.

Reason 2: If the buyer likes your art and art should buy them, often taking home she wants to and can soon to hang on the wall. If she was that she felt more money must be spent better reframe your art, it may not be worth waiting for that determine cost and effort.

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